Where can I get support?

You can submit a support request directly to our public Service Desk or send us an E-Mail to support@codecentric.atlassian.net and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please also note our Service Level Agreement for target response times.

Does Workflow Essentials support Jira Data Center?

Yes, you can download officially supported Versions for Jira Data Center via the Atlassian Marketplace.

Is workflow function X supporting all custom fields or system fields I need?

As of version 8.0 of Workflow Essentials we cover almost any custom field type and any system field. Please evaluate the add-on and verify your field is present. If it's missing, please contact our support, we might be able to add it.

I use a Validator to compare a field "myNumber > 5" but the Validation does not fail when the field value is empty?

This is on purpose. All our validators will not fail if any value is empty or null. Only the "Required Fields Validator" will make fields required. That way you can design a workflow where a Number is optional but apply some validation if it was provided.

To make the field required as well please combine the Validator with the "Mandatory Field Validator". For example, to make a field required and > 300 place both a "Number Validator" and a "Required Fields Validator" on the transition.

I copy a value from a field if the user did not provide any value, but the field is empty after the transition?

The reason could be the wrong order execution of your post function. Please refer to the section "Order of Post Functions".

After the last update, a function is not available anymore. Why is that?

The reason could be, that you are using a deprecated function. Please refer to the section "Deprecated functions".