Workflow Duplicate Finder

One of the hardest parts during cleanup is to compare workflows.

Native you would have to go through each workflow, each transition, each postfunction... and compare all that to all other workflows in the system.

The Wofklow Duplicate Finder makes it simple to find the worklows with most duplicates in your system.

It also provides a list of names from the duplicate workflows, allowing you to easily merge them if you want to.

The app considers

  • Status (Name, Status Properties)

  • Transitions (Name, Direction, Condition, Validation, Post Function, Transition Screens, Transition Properties)

The app does NOT consider

  • Workflow (Name, Description, Created-Date, Updated-Date)

  • Transition-Triggers


Where do you find the app

Once installed you can find the app following the steps:

  1. Top navigation

2. Dropdown


3. Left side navigation

App Output

Once you press the “Find Workflow Duplicates” the app will look for workflows duplicates in your system.

The output of the app is a table in which for each workflow you get:

  • Count of existing duplicates in the system

  • List of names of the duplicate workflows

Runtime Error workaround

From experience the app runs over the 25s timelimit of forge apps when it compares 50 workflows at once.

Therefore we included the functionality to limit the amount of workflows you want to test at once.

Notice: The Workflow Duplicate Finder will always search for duplicates in the whole system. You only limit how many workflows you want to check at once.

If you want to check all workflows in the system, start with Start Index 0 and Index 50 and go from there, 50-100 next… till you covered all workflows you have in the system.


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