Label Manager for Jira

Using Jira Cloud? Please use the 'Label Manage for Jira' Cloud Documentation instead.

Label Manager for Jira allows you to manage and control label items in your Jira project. This App provides a new Label-Customfield that restricts adding new label items on the fly and provides a configurable select list for labels.

Label Manager now officially supports Data Center!

The project administrator (or Jira admin) can manage all Label-Manager items for the new custom field.

The Label Manager fields can be defined globally for all Jira projects or can be further customized for individual projects. 

For example, you can use Label Manager as Definition of Done (DoD), Acceptance Criteria or Simple Checklist / Todo-List in your Jira projects!

You can use this custom field also for example as a simple ToDo list to avoid using subtasks.

Label-Manager lets you color your labels by simply clicking on the label items to flag it and set the status for your checklist.


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