Issue Picker for Jira

Issue Picker for Jira allows you to create select-list fields, where the selectable options consist of the Jira issues that you specify via JQL.

This allows for more powerful use-cases than the standard Issue Linking functionality:

  • Restrict selectable Issues to only the ones you specify: Based on Project, Issue Type, Status or whichever field you desire.

  • Issue Pickers can be used as drop-down lists that are easily maintainable by end-users. Create Issue Pickers for locations, departments, topics, you name it.

  • Issue Pickers are highly configurable. You can specify which information is displayed and if a single or multiple issues can be selected.

  • Issue Picker fields can be edited by Jira Automation which increases the potential use-cases even more.


Issue Picker Administration

Issue Picker Administration Area under “Manage Apps”


Please see for a detailed description of all the ways you can configure an Issue Picker custom field.


Issue Picker Custom Field Creation

You can create Issue Picker Custom Fields, just like other Custom Fields in the Advanced Tab of Custom Field Types. (We will add the possibility to create Custom Fields in the Admin Overview later).

It is possible to configure multiple different field contexts with different Issue Picker configuration for one Custom Field.

Using multiple Custom Field Contexts on one Issue Picker

In that case you should use the Jira Native Custom Field Context functionality and use the “Edit custom field config” button.

Pressing the “Edit custom field config” button brings you to an dedicated configuration area for each context. The admin overview only displays the default context.


Using Issue Picker Custom Field in the Jira Navigator

You can use the Issue Picker Custom Fields in the Jira Navigator just like other fields. Please notice that you need to specify the Issue key of selected Issues.

Using Issue Picker Custom Field in Jira Automation

JQL Navigator Support

Issue Keys are stored as comma separated list, allowing easy filtering through JQL.


Known Limitations of Issue Picker Custom Field

Issue Picker is built on Atlassian’s new App development plattform ‘Forge’.

While Atlassian is working hard to increase the feature set of Forge, we as App developer are bound to those limitations. We are closely monitoring the Forge Roadmap and will solve the limitations as soon as it is possible.

  • Maximal amount of options that be made available in the issue picker select: 2000. (Performance Issues)

  • Issue linking on issue selection is not possible on Issue Create Screen (Workaround Jira Automation)

  • Issue Picker Custom Field can not be used in workflow transition screens.

  • Issue Picker Custom Field can not be used in the service management portal.

  • Jira Automation does not list Issue Picker Custom Fields as normal fields to edit. You have to use smart values.