Admin Site Statistics over Time

Your Jira Instances grows and so does the administrative overhead.

"Admin Site Statistics over Time" allows to keep track of how your Administrative Area in Jira evolves.


The app collects those counts and provides a simple table with timestamps and historical data you collected. 

Additionally it displays the difference to the last timestamp saved.

The App automatically gathers statistics each week.


  • Allows to visually represent the statistics over time.

  • Select multiple metrics at once for easy comparison.

  • Select the timeframe (Note: The app only considers dates after its installation)



Table view displays the numbers for all metrics at once.

Highlights changes to metrics compared to previous measurement.

Available Metrics

  • User Groups

  • Projects (only active projects)

  • Issues

  • Workflows (includes inactive workflows)

  • Workflows Schemes (includes inactive workflow schemes)

  • Statues

  • Custom Fields (only active custom fields)

  • Field Configuration

  • Field Configuration Scheme

  • Notification Schemes

  • Issue Type Schemes

  • Permission Schemes

  • Screens

  • Screen Schemes

  • Issue Type Screen Schemes


Scheduled Trigger

The app will automatically gather statistics every week.

Where do you find the app

Once installed you can find the app following the steps:

  1. Top navigation

  2. Dropdown

  3. Left side navigation

App Output

Once you press the “Gather Site Statistics” button at least once, the app will display a table displaying all the counts collected with their timestamp.
The most recent timestamp is in the first row.

Depending if you toggle "Show/Hide Changes" you will get additional information in the table, whenever the count changed compared to the last timestamp.

Runtime Errors

The app was optimized for runtime by calling the endpoints to get the information in parallel. Please open a support ticket in case runtime errors occur.

Permission Scope and Data residency

  • The app has only read access to your Jira Site.

  • Also the app is hosted by Atlassian for you, meaning at no point does any personal identifiable data leave your instance.

  • The app uses to generate the graph of metrics. Only the values displayed on the chart are sent to for that purpose.


You can submit a support request directly to our public Service Desk we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please also note our Service Level Agreement for target response times.

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